9-1-1 Signs


In 2003, Council passed a Civic Numbering bylaw, to facilitate the instituting of 9-1-1 emergency response service and to set down the policy and regulations concerning 9-1-1 signs for properties within the Municipality. In 2004, an amending by-law was passed.

The following are highlights of the bylaws and policies governing 9-1-1 signs (plates and posts) in the Municipality of Temagami. For further information, please see bylaws 03-546 - Civic Addressing Bylaw and 04-562 - To amend the civic addressing bylaw


  • The following types of properties are required to post a municipal number:
    • any property containing a residence (permanent, seasonal or otherwise);
    • any commercial, industrial, recreational, religious and educational property which has the facilities on site from which to report an emergency and/or to which there is a reasonable expectation that emergency vehicles could be dispatched
    • properties with facilities under construction.
  • No reflective plate or post is required if the rate payer has a vacant lot.
  • Those residents holding Land Use Permits with the Ministry of Natural Resources may be exempt from the requirement to have a 9-1-1 number posted.
  • The Municipality will supply the signs (plates and posts), but the property owner is responsible for the cost of the signs and the installation thereof.
  • It is the responsibility of the ratepayer to ensure that the posts and number plates are installed.
  • The owners of properties are required to keep and maintain in good condition their number plates and posts.
  • Every owner or occupant shall ensure that the civic number plate (sign) is kept visible at all times and unobstructed by vegetation, structures, snow accumulation or any other screening. The plate and plate location shall be maintained so that the plate remains clearly visible from the street or from approaching water vessels at all times.
  • The Municipality shall not be liable for any loss, injury, cost or expense which the owners of land may incur as a result of a number post/plate being installed, damaged, missing, obstructed or illegible.
  • For new construction, the 9-1-1- number for a property must be obtained, and the sign ordered and paid for, prior to the issuing of a building permit.
  • Where a number plate (sign) is missing or illegible, the property owner shall repair or replace the number plate or numbers immediately.
  • The cost to the property owner for a new or replacement plate and/or post shall be charged at the rate posted in the current user fee bylaw.


Any person who fails to comply with any section, clause or provision in the By-law is guilty of an offense, per Section 425 (1) of the Municipal Act, R.S.O. 2001, Chapter 25, and on conviction is liable to a fine not exceeding $2,000, exclusive of costs, under the authority of the Provincial Offenses Act.


  • For properties with road access, the post shall be erected a distance not exceeding 19.5 feet from the centre line of the principal access driveway and not exceeding 19.5 feet from the edge of the abutting roadway and must be on the same side of the street as the property.
  • The reflective plate shall be erected at a right angle to the abutting street, with the top edge not less than 4.5 feet and not more than 5.5 feet above ground level.
  • For lake properties with water access only, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the reflective plate (sign) is clearly visible to an approaching vessel from either direction.
  • Residents of water access lots may place their reflective plate supported by a free standing post at their boathouse. If the resident does not have a boathouse then post and plate must be installed at access point of property either on shore or attached to the end of the dock. The plate (sign) will be supplied by the Municipality. It is the choice of the resident to use a post supplied by the Municipality to display the plate or he/she may choose a different post. The plate (sign) supplied must be used regardless of post chosen.
  • Reflective plates must NOT be nailed to or hung from trees, mail boxes, fence posts, etc. The reflective plates must be supported by a free-standing post 4 to 6 feet above grade. The reflective plate must be at a location visible by approaching vessels from either direction. It must be kept visible at all times and kept unobstructed by vegetation, structures or any other screening.
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