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Tipping Fee Schedule


Tipping fees for domestic waste
For ratepayers(3 cubic metres-1/2 ton load)No Charge
over 3 cubic metres or non-ratepayer$6.30per cubic metre
Organic Waste$3.30per cubic metre
Metals - Providing it is disposed of in the metal pile at siteNo Charge
Objects containing Freon GasNo Charge
Inorganic earth like material$6.30per cubic metre
Construction materials including shingles$6.30per cubic metre
Commercial & Government garbage$6.60per cubic metre
Dump truck load of allowable waste$157.50per load
Non-resident Commercial annual user fee$288.75
Non-residents annual user fee$125.00
Commercial Spills Wasteon approval basis only, quotation required
Boats$6.60per foot
Service Calls (to open and supervise landfill during closed hours)$40.00per hour - min one hour
* Hazardous/contaminated waste not accepted.