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Emergency Preparedness


The Municipality of Temagami has an Emergency Response Plan that was passed by By-law 05-628.  This plan is reviewed and exercised annually to improve our emergency preparedness.  However, no communcity is equipped to handle all the demands of a catastrophe.

Individuals and families are encouraged to be prepared and plan for emergencies on a personal level as well. 


Find out by taking Emergency Managment Ontario's Emergency Preparedness Challenge.   




Preparing for an Emergency

Natural disasters and other types of emergencies can occur at any time. Preparing in advance and knowing what to do when a disaster strikes will help you to better face the situation. You and your family can start preparing now by:

  • Developing a Family Emergency Plan
  • Preparing an Emergency Survival Kit
  • Preparing Your Pets
  • Practicing and Maintaining Your Plan
  • Learning How to Evacuate
  • Learning How to “Shelter-In-Place”.

Temagami's Municipal Office, at 7 Lakeshore Drive, has informational pamphlets and guides available regarding: Basic Preparedness, Preparedness for Seniors, Preparedness for Your Pets and Emergency Survival Kits. Please follow the links on this page for additonal information and tools that will assist you in preparing yourself and your family for an emergency.


Features of this site include:

  • Emergency Preparedness guides;
  • An Emergency Preparedness video;
  • Tips on how to be prepared at Home, at Work, or in the Car;
  • Tips for People with Disabilities/Special Needs;
  • Tips on How to be Prepared for Specific Emergencies.


Features of this site include:

  • Your emergency preparedness guide
  • Make an emergency plan - Video
  • Emergency Preparedness Activity Sheets for children
  • Emergency kit shopping list


Features of this site include:

  • Emergency Preparedness Information;
  • The "Let’s Plan for the Unexpected" booklet designed for families with children;
  • Information on emergency preparedness for children and youth.


IBC Cheque Presentation

Temagami Wins Emergency Preparedness Award

Thanks to those Temagami residents who took the Emergency Management Ontario’s (EMO) Preparedness Challenge during the month of May 2011, Temagami had the highest participation rate for towns of our size. The Municipality received a $2000 cheque from the Insurance Bureau of Canada to use to enhance our emergency preparedness programs and a plaque from EMO. While the Municipality does have a Municipal Emergency Management Plan, and staff undergo regular training, the best line of defense is for individuals and families to prepare for emergencies on a personal level. Whether they are due to natural disasters, such as forest fires or ice storms, human caused or technology related, emergencies do happen. We encourage those who have yet to prepare on a personal level to join those who have already taken steps to prepare and together we can improve the resilience of our community.

Temagami's Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) and CAO, Patrick Cormier presents a cheque on behalf of IBC to Councillor Lorie Hunter, Chair of the Protection to Persons and  Property Advisory Committee.