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Municipal Lots for Sale

Trailer Park Lots for Sale: Temagami North

Addresses: 10 and 23 Goward Avenue, 6 and 30 Hillcrest Drive
Dimensions of lots (acres approx.): 10 Goward – 0.3 / 23 Goward – 0.21 / 6 Hillcrest – 0.21 / 30 Hillcrest – 0.09
Conditions of sale:
By-law no. 09-828 (Please refer to the Municipality of Temagami for full text)
· Section 7.9.1 No person shall within any Mobile Home Park (RMH) Zone erect any building or structure for any purpose except one or more of the following uses: mobile/modular home; convenience retail store; Laundromat; personal service shop; community centre; park; playground.
· Section 7.9.2 The maximum mobile home site coverage is 45% of each plot. The maximum building height is 5m.
· Section 7.9.3 A single detached dwelling unit shall also be permitted. The maximum ground floor area for a mobile home, modular home, or single detached dwelling unit is 140 sq. m. Basements and cellars are not permitted.
· The purchaser must start the process of locating a permanent residential structure with a minimum area of 600 sq. ft. on the property within two years of purchase. It must be occupied within three years of purchase. If the purchaser fails to meet the conditions, the Municipality will have the option of buying the lot back at the same price paid by the purchaser.
Price: $8,000 per lot + HST.
Contact: Temagami Economic Development Office. 705-569-3421