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Comments / Suggestion Box

Posted on 13:09, Wednesday, March 22



The Municipality of Temagami is now, on a six month trial basis, accepting comments and suggestions in the drop box that is located at the west entrance of the Temagami Welcome Centre / Municipal Office.


This Drop Box is accessible at any time and as per Council resolution # 17-136 will be reviewed and recorded in the following manner:


·       Councillor Harding or a member of the Economic Development Advisory Committee, with staff, will review the comments on a weekly basis and report monthly to Council.

·       Any urgent matters will be brought to the attention of the CAO during the weekly review.

·       The Municipality of Temagami will not treat these suggestions as incoming mail or a record of any sort unless action is required.


It is strongly recommended that any urgent matter are brought forth to Municipal Administration right away, as the comments box content will only be reviewed on a weekly basis.